Stephen answers your questions 2006

You’re preparing a dinner party for some of your closest friends when it all goes wrong and you’re forced to run down to the local supermarket for a last minute replacement. Your guests love the food and compliment you on your cooking skills….would you admit the microwaved meal or play along with it?stephen

Stephen: Well I haven’t got a microwave so I’d probably order a takeaway and tell them.
You’re out for lunch with someone when you spot the boyfriend of another of your friends kissing someone who definitely isn’t your friend and its not just a friendly kiss on the cheek you are witnessing. What do you do?

Stephen: I’d tell my friend what I saw.
You’re at a party and having a great time. You’ve been drinking steadily throughout the night and you are now trying to get a taxi to take you home without much success. One of the other partygoers pulls up in a car and offers you a lift. You’re aware they have also been drinking steadily during the evening and must be over the limit for driving. What do you do?

Stephen: I wouldn’t take a lift from them. I’d tell them they are being irresponsible and try to get them to park up and get a taxi with me.
You’re in a pub with Andrew and some friends when a girl who none of you know comes over and starts talking and flirting outrageously with you which your friends are finding very amusing. You try to ignore her but she then starts whispering to you that the two of you could have more fun if you left and went back to her flat and she tries to lead you away by the hand. What do you do?

Stephen: Show them my wedding ring and tell them they haven’t got a chance in the world!
You’ve been asked to dinner by a casting agent who you have met before and don’t like. You know they are in London for the one evening only. You are aware however they are the casting agent for a new movie which you are hoping to get a major part in. You’ve accepted the dinner invitation but the day after you accept an invitation to attend the premiere of the new Harry Potter film arrives. What do you do?

Stephen: Go for dinner – if I’ve made plans with someone I always stick to them.
You see a homeless person sitting on the footpath of a busy street, holding up a sign asking for money. They are talking to themselves and most people are walking straight past. What do you do?

Stephen: I’d go and buy some food for them rather than give them money.
You’re at a concert and the band have asked everyone to stand up and dance, but someone behind you screams for everybody to sit down and taps you on the shoulder when you don’t. What do you do?

Stephen: Tell them to p*** off and carry on dancing.
You’ve just stepped onto the red carpet at a posh event in the West End, when you look down at your feet and realise in horror that you forgot to take off your favourite pair of pink Bagpuss slippers. What would you do?

Stephen: Realise it’s a great photo opportunity and do high kicks in the air to show them off!
Someone you care about has done something against the law, the police are after them and their only way of escaping punishment is for you to help them in any way they need you to. What do you do?

Stephen: Help them in any way I can as long as they are remorseful and what they have done isn’t too serious.
You and Andrew are in a car having a great day out in the middle of nowhere. Suddenly a tyre bursts and you’ve not got a spare. The closest garage is about 10 miles away, there’s no mobile phone signal, so you can’t call for a taxi and there are no phones on the way to the garage. One of you must stay with the car at all times. What do you do?

Stephen: I’ll walk to the garage and leave Andrew in the car as it would be good exercise and save me going to the gym!
You’ve been asked by the director, Ang Lee, to star in Brokeback Mountain as Jack Twist. The filming schedule clashes with a planned Boyzone reunion tour. As a sweetener to get you to sign up Ang has said you can pick any actor to play Ennis. What do you do?

Stephen: I’d do the Boyzone reunion tour and would try to persuade Ang Lee to postpone the movie until I had finished the tour.
You are having dinner with some friends in a very exclusive restaurant when a waiter trips and spills scalding hot food all over the person at the table next to yours. What do you do?

Stephen: Be thankful it wasn’t anyone at my table and hope the person is OK.
You spot a journalist who wrote an unfavourable review about you/Boyzone in a restaurant with her skirt tucked into her underwear. What do you do?

Stephen: I’d take a photo on my camera phone in the most embarrassing position possible then post it on the message board for you all to laugh at.
A traffic warden is about to issue you with a parking ticket for being one minute late when they recognise you and ask for an autograph and picture in return for the ticket being cancelled. What do you do?

Stephen: Give them the autograph and picture and say thanks!
You’ve just watched a Boyzone tribute band and their management are trying to usher you backstage to meet them as they are keen to know what you think of them. You thought they sounded truly awful. What do you do?

Stephen: Avoid going backstage! Invent a reason why I can’t stay after the gig and escape.
You are at the hairdressers but the hairdresser has misunderstood what you want done and bleaches your hair white. What do you do?

Stephen: Wear a cap for the next six months until it grows out.
You know someone who is a really good friend and you have known them for a long time. You are aware they are very friendly with someone else who you find quite rude and obnoxious. Your friend keeps inviting this other person along when you meet to go out without asking you if you mind them coming along and you find their behaviour quite embarrassing when you are out. What do you do?

Stephen: I’d tell my friend that I don’t like the person in the nicest way possible.
You are about to finish filming your final scenes in your first ever movie. The only thing is that you have to lie in a pool of blood. However, it is not fake blood but animal blood. Now you are an animal lover and don’t believe in them being killed for any reason, but this final scene could give you the break you want to be able to make it into the big time in movies. What do you do?

Stephen: This is a bit of a crazy question but I’ll answer anyway! I’d go down to the costume shop and buy fake blood and hope the director will work with it. If not I’ll call my agent!
As part of your teacher training you are left in charge of a classroom of 20 5-7 year olds. They all look pretty angelic to start with but once you start to take the class they become very boisterous and start misbehaving. You know you are being observed, and it’s important to regain control. What do you do?

Stephen: I’d tell them that there were no toys allowed anymore and if they continued misbehaving I’d make them stand on one of the 20 naughty steps in the classroom.
You’re on your own in the park taking Bentley for a walk and have just seen a man snatch an old lady’s handbag and push her to the ground. The man is running in your direction and the old lady seems to be hurt. No-one else is around. What do you do??

Stephen: Dial 999 on my mobile and try to stop the man. I’d then check to see if the old lady was OK. Not a nice question because I’d feel sorry for the old lady.

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